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Sharestates Launches Global Varied Term Fund

Sharestates recently announced the expansion of its investment offerings to include the “Sharestates Global Varied Term Fund”, a Pre-Origination Note Fund (PONF). Sharestates’ PONF will act as a funding vehicle to originate and sell commercial business purpose loans originated and serviced by Sharestates. With a fixed interest rate and 6-, 9-, and 12-month terms, the short duration and unique nature of the PONF will minimize exposure to economic shifts that may otherwise affect underlying real estate’s property values, allowing global investors to participate in commercial lending through fund structures in addition to Sharestates’ historic whole and fractional note offerings.

“The Global Varied Term Fund is Sharestates’ solution to a demand that has been brought to the Company by its domestic and international investors”, said Amy Doshi, General Counsel. “The PONF provides a tax efficient legal and corporate structure for global investors to indirectly invest in US-based debt while allowing them to rely on Sharestates expertise in commercial lending and its in-depth underwriting process, greatly reducing international investors barriers to entry.”


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