> Sharestates Wins Landmark Decision Enforcing Mortgage Integrity

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Sharestates Wins Landmark Decision Enforcing Mortgage Integrity

Sharestates announced a landmark legal victory in a case at the heart of mortgage enforcement and lending industry business practices. The case is considered a landmark victory with wider industry implications because the court’s ruling underscores the principle that if a party takes out a mortgage and receives its benefits, the mortgage will be deemed valid, and parties who accept the benefits of a transaction cannot later contest its validity to gain an unfair advantage.

Sharestates has also recently had some other notable successes with precedent-setting cases. Sharestates General Counsel Amy Doshi stated, “These victories underscore Sharestates’ commitment to upholding the legal integrity of its paper, reducing exposure to fraud, and protecting the interests of its investors. Additionally, in the commercial business purpose space that is not heavily regulated, we are committed to enhancing our underwriting and originating standards to move and grow with the ever-evolving industry norms. We have been spending a considerable amount of time and effort on exploring and implementing smarter and more efficient tools to enhance our credit quality and originations to result in consistent returns and lower-risk investments.”


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