> AAPL Webinar – Lender Perspective: Relationships Over Deals

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AAPL Webinar – Lender Perspective: Relationships Over Deals

Amid a crucible of shrinking inventory/sales volume and soaring rates, the kindest descriptor we can give to today’s lending market is “bumpy.”

In this continuation of the American Association of Private Lenders’ educational webinar series, Michael Ramin, Executive Vice President at Sharestates, and Kevin Kim, Partner at Geraci Law Firm, will equip attendees with an understanding of how to prevail in any real estate cycle through a “customer first” approach.

You will learn:

– Where we are in the real estate cycle and what our subject matter experts foresee for the year.
– What impact lenders can expect to their deal flow as others in the market pause originations.
– The value of repeat customers, including strategies and tactics to build lifelong relationships.
– How to turn clients into advocates and build referrals.

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