> IMN’s 5th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Northeast)

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IMN’s 5th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Northeast)

Sharestates is pleased to attend IMN’s 5th Annual Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Northeast), taking place October 3, 2022, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Don’t miss Sharestates Executive Director of Business Development, Michael Ramin, at 9 AM for a panel discussion on Financing: Long Term Debt vs. Short Term Bridge And The Refi Decision. Learn more about:

  • Key drivers in the debt market that are impacting rates and spreads and what has been the impact on take outs
  • When the loan comes due…  What does it take to get a recap?
  • Are ARMS and other variable rate products coming back? How about assumable loans?
  • Sponsors hot buttons in the debt negotiations
  • Are hedging products and caps a requirement? How about MAC clauses?
  • What are your underwriting exit cap or refi rates when bridge debt comes due in 2-3 years with rates rising over the next 24-36 months? How are you making sure your borrowers won’t be defaulting?
  • Construction bridge and heavy renovation plays
  • Debt yield constraints and LTC/LTV on different products
  • Prepayment penalty evaluation-When is the answer sell?
  • Underwriting rent growth vs. increasing expenses
  • Why lock in? Why not?

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