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The National Private Lenders Conference

The National Private Lenders Association’s (NPLA) mission is to support, protect and grow the Private Lending Industry. The NPLA Conference, formerly Pitbull Conference, is the largest private lending conference in the country, serving the private lending space for 21 years running. Their goal is to facilitate relationships between capital providers, lenders, investors, brokers, and service providers. The conference also provides critical real-time information about marketplace conditions and industry news. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with the market makers in private lending from June 19-21 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

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Don’t miss the following panel discussion at the conference:

Unlocking the Potential of Private Lending: Best Practices in a Changing Market featuring Allen Shayanfekr, CEO and Co-Founder of Sharestates. Changing markets can expose lenders to existential risks. In this panel, Allen and other industry leaders will discuss maximizing your balance sheet by utilizing various funding methods. They will cover best practices for successful lending, such as tips for managing risk and the current interest rate environment, properly underwriting loans, and evaluating borrowers.

The Future of Private Lending: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities featuring Stephan Leccese, President and COO of Sharestates. Stephan and other members of the NPLA will share their insights into the factors driving growth in the industry, including the rise of alternative lending platforms, changes in regulations, and the impact of the new technologies.

Where is the Private Lending Industry headed, and how should you prepare? There’s only one way to find out. Join us at the conference to learn more.

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