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Allen Shayanfekr Discussing Sharestates and Startup Life

“The risk associated to one single deal is not worth the potential downfall of your company, don’t straddle the gray line make sure you are doing things the right way.” Allen Shayanfker, CEO of Sharestates. Often times, entrepreneurs focus on the exposure and development of their business with less regard for industry rules and regulations. In order to successfully scale a business, entrepreneurs should not only pay attention to development and growth, but regulatory requirements as well.

Evolution of Sharestates

In just two years, Sharestates has grown to become a leader in the marketplace lending space. Sharestates’ full launch was in February of 2015 — since then the company went from a team of 3 to a team of 40. Sharestates growth has been tremendous with up to $1 billion in capital commitments and over $230 million in originations. According to Allen Shayanfekr “We are probably the fastest growing company in our vertical right now, we are on our way to doing $1 billion in originations from a 4% – 6% margin which is between $40 – $60 million in revenue.”

Evolution of Allen Shayanfekr, the Entrepreneur

Following a full ride to New York University , Allen Shayanfekr, ESQ attended Touro Law School graduating Magna Cum Laude and in the top 6% of his class. Early in his career, Allen worked in the real estate title insurance industry, with The Atlantis Organization. Over a family dinner, Allen and his now partners formed the concept for Sharestates. Keeping the mantra of “living your life the way other people won’t, in order to one day live your life the way other people can’t”, has lead Allen to become the CEO and Co-founder of one of the leading marketplace lending platforms.

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