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Real Estate Crowdfunding Today with Allen Shayanfekr

Allen Shayanfekr is the CEO/Principal and Co-founder of Sharestates. During this specific interview, Allen discusses how the idea of Sharestates came about and how the company has evolved to be one of the largest private lending firms in the Nation.

The Beginning of Sharestates

The idea came about following the success of Sharestates’ co-founder’s Radni and Raymond. Y Davoodi’s title insurance agency. From their title business, the founders were able to create a book of clients who required hard money financing for their real estate purchase and renovation needs. Thus the concept of Sharestates was created. According to Allen, Sharestates is essentially an online real estate syndication platform.

Sharestates is Self-Funded

Sharestates started out with a $25,000 family loan. As discussed in the video, the founders did not want to acquire venture capital funding before having a profitable business. The company has been profitable and self-funded since its inception which is noteworthy considering the numbers of firms which choose to take a different route to funding and growth.

Sharestates vs Other RECF Platforms

Within the video, Allen Shayanfker explains the key differences between Sharestates and some of its peers in the industry. One of these differences from an investment standpoint is Sharestates’ focus on diversification across asset types, locations, and loans. Portfolio diversification is important to any serious investor, and it is equally important to Sharestates. Allen goes on to discuss a few other differences real estate investors can expect from Sharestates including loan and investment sizes, client relationships, and access to financing.


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