Recapping Orchard Platform’s Alternative Investing Meetup

Sharestates joined up with Orchard Platform, Wunder Capital, Lendit, and SeedInvest on April 25th, 2017 in New York City for the Alternative Investing Meetup (NYC Marketplace Lending Meetup.) Speakers at this meetup were Kevin Shane; Sharestates, Todd Anderson; LendIt, Matt Burton; Orchard, Bryan Birsic; Wunder, and Aaron Kellner; SeedInvest.

Defining How Capitalization Rates Work: A Newbie Guide

The real estate market can often come across as a black box of investing. Especially after the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2010, there has been a persisting level of wariness as it relates to real estate. Since that recession, real estate values have been on the rise, especially in metropolitan areas.

How Loan-to-Value Affects Real Estate Investment Risk

There are many factors that affect real estate investment risk and loan to value (LTV) is just one of them, but it’s a very important one. If you take out too much loan relative to the risk, not only will you not see as large a return on your investment as you might have, but you may end up losing your entire investment.

Office Renovations That Will Help Sell Your Property Faster

Buyers want homes with modern, updated features. The same is true for office spaces. There are several office renovations that will help sell your property faster. Some makeovers include installing the latest wireless devices, charging stations, and ergonomic desk designs.

Real Estate Market Strong During Trump’s First 100 Days

Agree or disagree with the First 100 Days milestone, it continues to be a measuring stick against which progress is evaluated for a new administration. It serves as a marker for assessing the health of each industry and real estate market is no different.

4th Annual Charity Poker Tournament and Sunrise Gala Recap

The Atlantis Organization and Sharestates partnered up again this year for the 4th Annual Charity Poker Tournament. The event was held on April 25, 2017 at Temple Emanuel in Great Neck, NY. This year about 200 attendees were present, some of which played poker while others observed.

Multiple Home Renovations Turn Away Potential Buyers

Not all renovations are created equal. Some home renovations actually turn buyers away, rather than draw them in. Last month, existing home sales saw their highest climb in more than 10 years. It’s hard to go wrong with today’s housing shortage, and yet realtors continue meeting homeowners and investors making the wrong kind of renovations.

8 Reasons for Crowdfunding Your Next Property Investment

There are a number of ways to raise capital for your real estate projects. If you are a property developer or real estate investor, you might consider real estate crowdfunding. Whether your investment strategy is to buy and hold or fix and flip, you still need capital to purchase property and to make necessary improvements to increase its value.

Conditions for Real Estate Investing Remain Strong

When consumers consider real estate investing, they most likely defer to the traditional home purchase. Residential real estate has been a wise investment decision over time, and with interest rates remaining at historically low levels and demand for homes far outweighing available supply, all indications are that the housing market will be strong for some time.

Comparative look into REITs and Marketplace Lending

Finding the right mix for your asset portfolio in a low yield environment takes looking outside of the box to maximize your returns. Looking at the standard asset classes, with interest rates raising, REITs in general can yield higher than the stock market.