Investment Diversification with Real Estate Marketplace Lending

For investment success, it’s important to create an asset allocation that considers your financial circumstances and long-term goals. Diversification doesn’t ensure gains over losses, but it can help mitigate risk and volatility in one asset class over another.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Diversified Real Estate Portfolio

Just like any investment portfolio, a real estate portfolio needs to be diversified to protect against downside risk. By investing in a wide range of properties, in different geographic areas and using a selection of investment structures, real estate investors can optimize their yield while reducing the risk of a market downturn.

The Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts on the Internet

Current technology provides a wide array of ways to access quality information, and podcasts have jumped quickly to the top of the list. They are a cross between a radio show and a blog post. They are an audio file that can be accessed while driving or exercising.