Crypto Lending Vs. Marketplace Lending: Where Are the Proven Results?

Every day, it seems, there’s a new crypto lending firm opening its doors. In fact, the entire crypto ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds, but there are just as many naysayers as there are true fans, and the world’s leading financial experts have weighed in on their prognostications, which range from ice cold to steaming hot.

Investment Diversification with Real Estate Marketplace Lending

For investment success, it’s important to create an asset allocation that considers your financial circumstances and long-term goals. Diversification doesn’t ensure gains over losses, but it can help mitigate risk and volatility in one asset class over another.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Diversified Real Estate Portfolio

Just like any investment portfolio, a real estate portfolio needs to be diversified to protect against downside risk. By investing in a wide range of properties, in different geographic areas and using a selection of investment structures, real estate investors can optimize their yield while reducing the risk of a market downturn.

Rule 506, Reg D: Two Ways to Conform with SEC Exemption Law

According to the Securities Act of 1933, any company that sells securities must either register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or file for an exemption. The JOBS Act 2012 provides a way for companies to use crowdfunding as a means of selling securities, but companies using this method must still comply with existing law.

Revenue Generation Strategies for Your Rental Properties

Merely generating revenue is insufficient to build the value of your property and improve the cash flow of your portfolio. It takes a variety of strategies and constant refinement to maximize the returns from each of your rental properties. When you apply these ideas across an entire portfolio, it will transform an under-performing set of assets into star performers.

Inflation and Choosing Real Estate for Your Portfolio

Numerous investment options are available to the modern accredited investor. What is the best vehicle for your long-term investments? Why is marketplace real estate lending an excellent choice compared to the alternatives such as stocks, bonds, and other fixed assets? The many benefits of investing in real estate include tax advantages, passive income, asset growth, and satisfaction.

Crowdfunding Real Estate to Renovate Hospitality Properties

n the hospitality industry, crowdfunding projects are quickly gaining a lot of momentum. Many of the biggest real estate crowdfunding websites and networks frequently have private placements and hotels mixed in with a variety of other offerings for real estate around the country – making them a perfect place for those looking for hospitality properties.

SWOT Analysis to Identify Factors Affecting Your Investments

Acquiring financing for development and growing your investment portfolio requires careful planning to cope with the array of internal and external factors present in the real estate marketplace. SWOT is a valuable tool you can add to your planning to address your internal strengths, weaknesses, and identify strategies to take advantage of opportunities and handle threats.

Sharestates Real Estate Lending Programs Explained

At Sharestates, we have committed a focus to our “bread and butter” hard money fix and flip loans along the East Coast. As the company and client base has grown, we have expanded that focus to meet the unique needs that come across our desks daily.

2018: The Year of Online Real Estate Financing?

When it comes to investing in real estate, most would-be buyers have a significant decision to make about how they’re going to source the right finance. In recent years, the real estate finance industry has seen increased pressure on risk retention rules and reserve requirements.