How are Investment Properties Taxed?

Any business that frequently profits from the sale of an asset is classified as an active business. The profit you make could come from selling a vehicle, a piece of inventory, or even a real estate investment. Selling your own home and flipping multiple investment properties are two very different concepts in the eyes of the IRS.

Why Cash Flow is Important to Your Real Estate Crowdfunding Portfolio

Cash flow is important for any type of business, but real estate crowdfunding is a different kind of business that requires a carefully thought out plan for the end game. It’s more like investing than a traditional business, but it still requires an attentive eye to business technicals like cash flow, forecasting, and profit-loss analysis.

Home Renovations with the Most Value

If you’re planning on making any renovations to your property this year, there are a few things to consider before you commit to a project. While personal preference and budget will always be important factors when it comes to figuring out what you want to do with your home, it’s also worth thinking about which changes will deliver the best return on investment.

What the 2018 Tax Code Means for Real Estate Investing

The main catalyst of so many of the indicators seen here is a pass-through income deduction, designed to benefit those business owners who create jobs. Under the new code, instead of paying a regular income tax rate, which might be as much as 37 percent, a landlord can now simply create a limited-liability corporation (LLC) on the property and pay the pass-through rate of 27 percent (this percentage has various stipulations for taxpayers with incomes above certain thresholds).

Why Hard Money and Bridge Loans Had to Go Online

Hard money loans are alternatives to conventional loans where private funding is secured by the value of the property loaned against. This typically leads to a faster closing for the loan as the lender isn’t as concerned with performing due diligence on the borrower as she is with ensuring the property is a sound risk.

Is December Actually a Slow Month for Real Estate?

There is a commonly held misconception that the real estate market hibernates like a bear. It goes into a deep slumber beginning in December and wakes up hungry in the spring. This fallacy can lead to a sense of complacency on the part of real estate agents, developers and lenders.

The Importance Of Employees With Diverse Industry Backgrounds

Residential real estate touches on almost every aspect of business and life. It is about where and how people will live, how that way of life will be achieved, and each and every part of that journey. Personal finance, plumbing and electrical systems, school districts and kitchen storage all are important and relevant to the purchase of a primary residence.

Why Real Estate Investors Value Diverse Portfolios

New real estate investors are correctly advised to seek out a mentor to help them learn the business. Someone with experience can help the newcomer think through issues and bring up important considerations that might not be obvious.

Top 5 Female Trailblazers In Real Estate Throughout History

Sometimes to believe in the possibility of success it is necessary for a trailblazer to achieve it already. The first one to accomplish a task changes the mindset of everyone who follows, often redefining the borders of what is possible. With that in mind, here are 5 women who have done that in different areas of real estate.

The Fix and Flip Path to Financial Freedom

There are many ways to profit from investing in real estate, and long-term strategies such as leveraging cash flow from multi-family residences have their success stories. However, for the small investor willing to put sweat equity into their personal fortune, a fix and flip approach in real estate investing can be the shortest path to financial freedom.