Pros and Cons of Fix-and-Flipping an Abandoned Home

House flipping has become a great way for thousands of real estate investing entrepreneurs across the country to build income, grow their portfolios, and save money for retirement. Of course, there are as many ways to find your next fix-and-flip property as there are fix-and-flippers, but one way to get into the fix-and-flip game and save money is to invest in an abandoned home.

Short Sale Real Estate Investing in 2018: The Pros and Cons

Short sale real estate investing is when a developer purchases a property for less than the mortgage amount owed. These types of deals became more popular after home prices collapsed several years ago. As values took a serious dive, many homeowners owed a lot more than their property was worth.

Real Estate Staging Trends for Spring 2018

Any property owner ready to sell their home should at least think about the benefits of real estate staging before they call their real-estate agent. Often, the keys to selling a fix and flip property for a real-estate investor is finding a way to present their recently-refurbished structure in a way that inspires and delights potential buyers.

Will the New Tax Reform Cause a Spike in Specific Markets?

President Trump signed the new GOP tax bill into law on the 22nd of December 2017, spurring a lot of questions from people wondering how the change in taxes will affect their lives and their homes. Under the new tax reform, many experts predict that national home prices will begin to take a hit, although the impact is expected to be more significant in markets with higher-priced homes.

Conducting a Title Contract Exchange Over the Blockchain

In the process of buying and selling real estate, one essential task that must be accomplished is the transfer of a clean property title. That means, the property that is associated with the title must also be free of any liens or encumbrances.

Can Technology Really Add Value To Real Estate Transactions?

Technology does not always advance evenly. The real estate industry has seen developments in internet marketing, the use of drone photography, and the use of predictive analytics. These have changed the industry in many ways. However, many facets of this important sector of the economy still have room for improvement.