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Real Estate Staging Trends for Spring 2018

Any property owner ready to sell their home should at least think about the benefits of real estate staging before they call their real-estate agent. Often, the keys to selling a fix and flip property for a real-estate investor is finding a way to present their recently-refurbished structure in a way that inspires and delights potential buyers.

Real estate décor and staging is all about transforming the interior narrative of your property, to appeal to as many buyers as possible. With the right designs and trends, home sellers can close sales faster and make bigger profits. With that in mind, here are just some of the real estate staging trends emerging for spring 2018.

1.     Contemporary Pieces Combined with Comfort

Today’s homeowners are looking for the perfect blend of modern sophistication and classic comfort. While it’s important for a room to be stylish it should also have plenty of comfortable elements within it that convince a buyer to imagine themselves lounging in front of the television or enjoying some relaxing moments with friends and family. This living room space is the ideal for family life.

2.      Industrial Warmth

Industrial elements have made their way more frequently into the real estate décor catalog lately. However, it’s important for sellers to make sure that their industrial elements don’t make the space seem less welcoming than it is. The living space to the right combines attractive and warm elements with steel accents to achieve the perfect loft look.

3.      Velvet Comfort

Across the world today, real estate staging has begun to take on a brand-new texture in the form of beautiful, luxurious velvet. In fact, many interior designers have begun to suggest that velvet could be the material of the year for 2018. The key to selling a fix and flip quickly is making sure that borrowers don’t go over the top with their velvet choices. Ideally, cushions and the occasional statement piece should be used to add a sense of indulgence to a space, like in the living room to the left.

4.      Dramatic Statement Walls

Statement walls are a great opportunity for fix and flip investors who want to give their rooms a focal point without using too much color. Too many shades and patterns can make a room feel cluttered, but a dramatic wall can help to tie the space together and give it a sense of modern charm. Richer wall colors could be one of the trending features in real estate décor that help to enhance the appearance of other bold statement pieces. The living room design to the right would be ideal for a period-style room.

5.      Statement Pieces

Finally, statement pieces in real-estate staging can help to give life to a room without giving the house too much personality. The key to selling quickly is convincing buyers to imagine themselves within a new property, rather than connecting a home to a family that might have lived there before hand. Metallic pieces are still very popular today, which is why the mirror and table combination to the left could be great for 2018 real estate décor.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to creating the perfect staged property but keeping on top of the current real estate trends can be a great way for fix and flip investors to close sales faster in this agile market.

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