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Expanding into New Markets

Stephan Leccese, President & COO of Sharestates, was published in Private Lender Magazine by the American Association of Private Lenders. In his article, Expanding into New Markets, Stephan outlines a guide to expanding your lending business.

When was the right time to expand for Sharestates?

“Following the pandemic, the lending market began to ramp up again. We asked ourselves, should we rebuild what we had before the pandemic, or should we attempt to broaden the reach and scale of the business? Sharestates chose the latter because it would have been riskier to maintain our current market position while the competition expanded into new markets. So, we leveraged the lessons of our past to expand into new growth opportunities.” – Stephan Leccese, President & COO

To learn if expanding into new markets is right for your lending business, read the full article at aaplonline.com.



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