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Sharestates Investment Property Walk-through

Watch as Allen Shayanfekr, CEO of Sharestates, walks through the construction site of two fully funded real estate investments. Sharestates is an online real estate investment marketplace that offers experienced developers competitive funding for the investments nationwide. Once a real estate development and borrower are vetted and approved by Sharestates, the loan is then offered on the platform for investment.

Sharestates Real Estate Activity in Brooklyn, New York

Sharestates is based on Long Island, New York. As depicted within the video, a large portion of the loans funded by the company are based in Brooklyn, New York and are multi-family assets. The predominant reason a developer would consider Sharestates as a lender, other than the many refinancing options, is to fix and flip a distressed asset. This process of financing ensures that all Sharestates debt investments are collateralized by an actual asset.

Watch the video to learn more about just what it takes to bring these multi-family buildings back to life.

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