Syndicate Profile – Quality Equity Real Estate Investments

Syndicate Profile is an equity online real estate investment platform and sister company to While Sharestates has been successfully financing real estate debt loans since 2014, Syndicate Profile offers approved investors access to equity investments.

Between Sharestates and Syndicate Profile both real estate investors and borrowers are able to access projects across the entire capital stack. Sharestates investments focus on more secure debt positions of senior and mezzanine. While Syndicate profile offers investments across the preferred and common equity positions.

When asked about Syndicate profile,  Sharestates CEO/Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr, says: “In the early days of Sharestates our vision was to bring real estate investments accessibility to the masses and today we are proud to announce two big milestones that will bring our vision to life”, said Sharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr.  “While our focus in the last 24 months has been to grow our debt portfolio, we have been diligently working behind the scenes on building products across the entire capital stack to offer a full spectrum of investment options.”

Syndicate Profile for Real Estate Investors

Syndicate offers investors a secure platform from which to select the exact geography and asset class of equity properties that fit their portfolio and risk tolerance. Investment minimums start at $25,000 and cover preferred and common equity positions of the capital stack.  Typical investment terms range from 6 to 72 months.

Syndicate Profile for Real Estate Borrowers

Syndicate Profile offers real estate loan sponsors a non-traditional means of finding the equity they need to complete their projects. Syndicate profile provides developers with the financing they need to revitalize communities across the nation whether they’re focused on commercial or residential properties.

Syndicate Profile - Quality Equity Real Estate Investments
Syndicate Profile - Quality Equity Real Estate Investments

Syndicate Profile offers investors direct access to real estate investments through its online marketplace - with typical net annualized returns between 12-40%. Sponsors can also gain access to capital at a competitive rate, closing a deal in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes through other means. Each project is thoroughly assessed with a 34-point scoring matrix - minimizing the risk to investors and cost of capital to sponsors.