Sharestates Announces Partnership with Percent

Sharestates is excited to announce our partnership and inaugural deal with Percent, a private credit marketplace providing financing solutions to lenders and scale-up companies at a lower cost of capital. The universe of real estate transactions available on Percent will expand significantly through this partnership, allowing accredited and institutional investors to invest in lending solutions […]

The Madison Podcast with Michael Ramin

Michael Ramin, Executive Director of Sales, was on The Madison Podcast with host Ben Lavender to chat about the current market and loan program rates, as well as how to kickstart a real estate career and scale a portfolio using private capital.      Do you have an investment property that needs funding? Contact […]

Sharestates Launches Global Varied Term Fund

Sharestates recently announced the expansion of its investment offerings to include the “Sharestates Global Varied Term Fund”, a Pre-Origination Note Fund (PONF). Sharestates’ PONF will act as a funding vehicle to originate and sell commercial business purpose loans originated and serviced by Sharestates. With a fixed interest rate and 6-, 9-, and 12-month terms, the […]

Mortgage Pros 411 Interview with Michael Ramin

Hosts Kevin Casey and Audrey Boissonou from the Mortgage Pros 411 podcast interview Sharestates EVP of sales, Michael Ramin, to get the 411 on the private lending industry. Watch the complete recording below to see where Sharestates and the broader industry are headed in 2023 and beyond.      Do you have an investment […]

IMN Forum: Build-To-Rent Financing for Small and Middle Markets

Sharestates’ EVP of sales, Michael Ramin, talks about build-to-rent financing for the small and middle markets at IMN’s 8th Annual Build-To-Rent, Land & Homebuilding Forum. Michael covers what loan terms look like in today’s market, the advantage of working with a private lender, and what makes a successful lender-borrower relationship among other topics.    […]

Sharestates Expands Lending Capability up to $75 Million Loan Sizes for Multifamily, Mixed-Use, and Commercial Development

Sharestates recently announced the expansion of its loan limits to fund real estate developers seeking up to $75,000,000 for Multifamily, Mixed-Use, and Commercial development. Sharestates has filled a void left by many traditional lenders to provide capital to small and mid-sized developers, and as the company’s client portfolios grew, it became necessary to increase its […]

Private Lender Magazine: Driven By “Underdog” Motivation

Amy Doshi, General Council for Sharestates, was published in Private Lender Magazine by the American Association of Private Lenders. In her article, Driven By “Underdog” Motivation, Amy describes her motivation to succeed and the parallels with Sharestates’ journey to thrive in the competitive private lending landscape. Key Takeaways Being the underdog makes you work harder. […]

NYC Real Estate Expo: How to Acquire a $1B Portfolio by Age 30

Michael Ramin, Sharestates EVP of Sales, interviews Allon Avgi, Founder and CEO of AVGI, for the NYC Real Estate Expo’s webinar series. Allon discusses how private money helped scale his business and become more bankable, while still leveraging private capital for non-conforming projects. Watch the complete webinar to learn how to acquire a $1B portfolio […]