How Interest Rates Can Affect Real Estate Lending Guidelines

The Fed has raised interest rates three times since December 2016. The most recent rate hike took the fed funds rate to 1.25 percent on June 14, 2017. Financial experts expect there to be further rate increases in the next couple of years.

Millennials and the Future of Real Estate Investing

Millennials, defined as those born from 1982 to 2000, now hold an estimated population of 84 million in the U.S. Millennials are now the largest age group, outnumbering the baby boomer generation by a population of 10 million.

Five Best Fix and Flip Locations in the United States

Flipping houses is big business. With a bit of knack, a lot of hard work, and the right location, even amateurs can turn a profit. The best fix and flip locations must satisfy several important benchmarks. The information below discusses these criteria and highlights several of the best fix and flip locations of 2017.

Knowing When You Are Ready to Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate provides the incredible benefits of asset diversification. It also allows for allocation to investments that can be expected to be liquidated over a specific time horizon. This greatly facilitates financial planning as investors enter different phases of life.

The Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts on the Internet

Current technology provides a wide array of ways to access quality information, and podcasts have jumped quickly to the top of the list. They are a cross between a radio show and a blog post. They are an audio file that can be accessed while driving or exercising.

Sharestates’ Auto-Invest Tool For Real Estate Investors

As part of our commitment to create the best experience for our users, Sharestates has released an Auto-Invest tool. The tool seeks to minimize the risk for “cash drag” which occurs when an investor misses out on new investment opportunities, because they were not able to login, review, and invest before the loan sold out.

What is the Difference Between a Lender and Equity Investor?

Lending money to someone to buy a piece of real estate can be a complicated transaction. Investing in real estate directly is even more complicated. There are also differences in the legal rights, financial rewards and economic risks of each type of investment.

Reviewing the Latest Real Estate Tech Trends of 2017

Real estate tech is trending in 2017. The digital era is changing the landscape of real estate with the implementation of virtual reality, mobile applications, drones, and smart technology in homes. Technology has always been part of the real estate industry, historically playing a role in online real estate listings, online reviews of real estate agents, and online ads.

Why Millennials Will Make Great Real Estate Investors

Forbes reported recently that 55 percent of millennials are interested in real estate investing. That statistic itself isn’t as fascinating as other data suggested by the same survey. It turns out that a higher percentage of millennials than any other generations correctly identified real estate as the best performing investment class since 2000.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate Online

Once the real estate investment itch sets in, it’s hard to satisfy it. There are several aspects of investing to consider before plunging into the your first investment property. Establishing an investing budget is the first, and most important.