Wall Street Deals for Main Street Investors

Sharestates was built on the core competency to structure real estate deals. Our strength in underwriting, in particular, sets Sharestates apart from other real estate crowdfunding platforms. Because of the underwriting standards that we put in place since the very beginning, our loan performance is stellar enough to attract the kind of institutional firms that […]

How Sharestates Began

Sharestates is an online real estate investment marketplace founded in 2013. The platform’s growth since then has made it one of the largest private lenders in the Nation. Watch two of Sharestates founders explain the origin story of America’s private lender. The Problem: Access to Quality Real Estate Deals Historically, access to quality real estate […]

Learn How Sharestates Funds Real Estate Projects

Real estate developers looking to expand their business can turn to Sharestates for funding. Sharestates crowdfunding platform connects developers seeking capital with investors ready to fund the project. For borrowers looking for more leverage, lower interest rates and quick closings, Sharestates is the go-to source for hard money. Watch the video to learn more about […]

Sharestates is the Choice for Real Estate Investors Nationwide

Sharestates has been originating real estate loans and providing high returns to investors since 2015. Originally offering both debt and equity investments, the platform has since targeted its focus on debt offerings only due to their general security and shorter loan terms. Overtime Sharestates has proven to be a staple for fast closings and competitive rates […]

Syndicate Profile – Quality Equity Real Estate Investments

Syndicate Profile is an equity online real estate investment platform and sister company to Sharestates.com. While Sharestates has been successfully financing real estate debt loans since 2014, Syndicate Profile offers approved investors access to equity investments. Between Sharestates and Syndicate Profile both real estate investors and borrowers are able to access projects across the entire […]

Head Hunted with Allen Shayanfekr CEO of Sharestates

Sharestates CEO and Co-founder shares his best and worst experiences from interviews with possible candidates. Below are three valuable pieces of advice to heed before your next interview. Keep your Interview Professional Shayanfekr explains why it is always a bad idea to be too comfortable during the interview process.  Showing poor vocabulary or communication skills can […]

Orchard Platform Alternative Investing Meetup: Lendit, Sharestates, SeedInvest, & Wunder Capital

Sharestates partnered with Lendit, SeedInvest, and Wunder Capital for a Meetup discussing Alternative Investing sponsored by Orchard Platform. Representatives from each platform come together and explain the various investment options open to accredited investors today. About Sharestates Sharestates is a real estate investment marketplace that allows individual and institutional investors to participate in rigorously vetted […]

Sharestates Investment Property Walk-through

Watch as Allen Shayanfekr, CEO of Sharestates, walks through the construction site of two fully funded real estate investments. Sharestates is an online real estate investment marketplace that offers experienced developers competitive funding for the investments nationwide. Once a real estate development and borrower are vetted and approved by Sharestates, the loan is then offered […]

Sharestates is now Lending in California

Sharestates is now lending in the state of California. The company already has many California loans in its pipeline pending funding. Adding California to the list of states that Sharestates is licensed to lend in means the platform is now able to lend in 46 states Nationwide.